Quality Assurance Support

Quality assurance (QA) is like code review for software developers or the editorial process for writers: it’s a systematic means of training and onboarding agents by reviewing their support interactions. The goal of support QA is to improve and maintain support quality.
Support QA (sometimes called customer service quality control) has become a standard practice for all quality-oriented and ambitious customer service teams. Though simple in nature, these procedures can bring immense value to your business: customer service quality assurance can grow customer loyalty and retention and boost your business results.

Our Approach

Our testing practices assure you high quality by assessing, validating and verifying the features of the built software considering the input and output functionality. We have a systematic approach for quality assurance to check if the designed product is meeting the specific client requirements or not.
We use independent leading testing and different QA techniques to test the functionality, security, and performance of the service or product. We follow early-stage testing approach to identify and eliminate defects in the very first stage of the development. Our quality assurance and testing services mitigate the risk, minimizes the cost, augments user experience with enhanced functionality of a service or product which improves the product life cycle and gains customer satisfaction.

Our Capabilities

RSM Testing and QA Capabilities uses the leading-edge solutions and agile techniques to deliver flawless features with high accuracy, reducing the rework, enabling test cycles at the low cost and here are unique QA and Testing abilities.

Automation Testing Tools Used

Web applications – Selenium
Client Server applications– Winium, AutoIT, Sikuli
Mobile applications – Appium
Angular JS – Protractor
API/Web services – Soap UI, POSTMAN
Oracle EBS Cloud – Selenium
Oracle EBS On-premise – Selenium, Sikuli, AutoIT